gilmans point

Hi, and welcome to Unlikely Destinations. My name is Mike Lou.


Thanks for visiting. Seriously, THANK YOU! In this day and age everyone is always so busy doing a hundred things at the same time (just how many browser tabs do you have open right now huh?) that it is humbling that you took the time to check this out. I appreciate your visit.


So what is Unlikely Destinations? I think it helps if I tell you what it is NOT.


Unlikely Destinations is not your average travel blog. It is not about documenting “my trips” for me or my family. It’s not about pics of my feet in front of the ocean.


Unlikely Destinations is not for the die hard miles collector. Miles and points play an important role in the process of planning a trip (especially for the whole family!) and I will certainly provide advice, tips and tricks to help you get that little bit closer to your desired destination without breaking the bank. But expect no in-depth reviews stating how many cents I value the airmile of a given frequent flyer program. I will refer you to the experts for that.


Finally, as the name states, this is also not for those looking for information about your everyday travel destinations. Yes, I will cover major tourist destinations every now and again. Hey, I’m a tourist myself and if I’m there, I will cover it. But as you can guess, my travels take me to quite, uh, unlikely destinations. From Congo to Mongolia, from Iran to Nicaragua, from Myanmar to Zanzibar, I will live it to report it. So you can decide whether it’s for you; and if you decide to hop on a plane to get there you are just a little bit more confident in what to expect. 


That’s what this blog is about.  It is about providing you with insightful information of what I experience in those travels to make your next trip that bit easier. To know what to expect! I’ve always hated not knowing what to expect when flying with that arline, staying at that hotel, eating at that restaurant. Heck, I’ve even gone to the extreme of travelling far away just to check out a certain airline, stay at a certain hotel at a certain destination to ensure my family would have a great time on a holiday!


So I wanted to do the same for you. I mean, why not? I am not a full time blogger, but I am fortunate to travel extensively for work so I figured, why not help others. It might just become useful to so many of you that some day I might be lucky enough to be able to do this full time. So enjoy, and let me know your thoughts!