Munich – Larnaca (Cyprus) Flight Report


Flight Date: August 2015
Flight #: LH1760
Airline: Lufthansa
Aircraft: Airbus A321
Departure Time: 10:55 AM
Cabin: Economy
Seat: 26F

View from my seat
View from my seat


Although I tried to free up my travel agenda in August in order to spend more quality time with my children during their school holidays (and avoid what is a hectic travel period), I couldn’t avoid a business trip to the Mediterranean and Middle East regions. So (as usual) I squeezed two destinations into what would usually be a single destination business trip, and did Cyprus and Qatar in 4 days.

This flight was on an Airbus A321
This flight was on an Airbus A321

While I obviously prefer to fly non-stop to every country I go to, that is often not possible, especially given the odd nature of many of my destinations. In those circumstances, what I find is that most of the time Lufthansa gives me the best options as far as getting there earliest. It also doesn’t hurt that they have a fairly modern fleet, are cheaper than, say, BA for most of my destinations, and are on time (especially important when you have such tight connections). So I end up flying with Lufthansa frequently – actually they are probably the airline I fly the most with very year, which helps me keep my Star Alliance Gold status.

emergency row seat
More room in Economy (emergency row) seat than in Business

I was connecting in Munich (by far my favorite german airport), and had only about 40 minutes to deplane from my incoming flight, walk some 10 minutes to passport control, and then walk another 10 or so minutes to get to Gate H36 for my connection to Larnaca airport. So this time I could’t make a stop at the Lufthansa Lounge, which was just as good since boarding started literally as soon as I reached the boarding gate.

I immediately reached the jet bridge, only to find out that we actually had to go downstairs and wait for the bus, since the plane was parked remotely.

I hate taking buses to airplanes. Not only are they often crammed and with no air conditioning, but importantly it makes me miss some of my strategies for boarding first and I end up not having enough time to calmly get my flight gear off my bag, which is what ensures a smooth flight for me.

After about a 5 minute drive, the bus stopped next to the plane and boarding really began. I was number 3 on board and quickly got to my reserved seat, 26F (emergency row). I believe Lufthansa only started to sell roomier seats recently and I for one think it is a great idea. I am fairly tall and often struggle in standard economy seats, and am more than happy to pay 20 Eur for the privilege. To be honest, in short flights where food is not that important, you actually get a better in flight experience if you get yourself a cheap Economy ticket, and top it up with a 20 Eur Emergency Exit seat with a lot more legroom than in Business.

Given that this 3 hour flight departed a little after 11 AM (12 PM Cyprus), a hot meal was served. It consisted of chicken breast with white rice, broccoli and tomato sauce. On the tray was also some butter, bread and a bar of chocolate.

As is unfortunately common with heated meals, the food was a bit overcooked, with the broccoli almost mashed with every spoonful. Not the tastiest meal I had in Economy with Lufthansa, by far.

What saved the day was obviously the delicious Toblerone chocolate, although I didn’t have more than a square, as I need to watch my diet as you know.

A few minutes later the flight attendant offered coffe or tea, which I passed and clearly shouldn’t have, as I later learned in a customer waiting room where I almost fell asleep!

Lufthansa meal
A nice Lufthansa meal

The rest of the flight went normally, without any noteworthy circumstances, and we landed on time in Larnaca at 15:10 in th afternoon.

A good quality flight on Lufthansa, on time and with the extra comfort offered by the (paid) exit row seat made this the right option for my arrival to Cyprus.

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