New Qatar companion promotion – secret access!

Qatar´s latest promotion

I literally just received an email from Qatar Airways less than an hour ago about the new Summer Companion Promotion which they will be running, starting June 2 but was given an access code which I am sharing with you in case you want to benefit from it starting NOW.

Note I am subscribed to their Dutch newsletter so this post covers Amsterdam-only departures. Check your Inbox as you might also have been targetted in which case your offer could apply to your preferred departure city.


Key Highlights:

Promo type: Companion (ie discount applies only when travelling with a companion on the SAME FLIGHTS

Class: Business ONLY (clicking on the Economy link in the landing page sends you to their other generic promotions which are still good!)

Duration: applies to flights within June, July and August (I believe last leg of last flight must have been flown by 31 August)

Departure City: Amsterdam (again, others might have received offers from other departure cities)

Direct Link to the Promotion page: click here or go to

Promo Code: SECRETNL (you might want to try other country codes for other departure cities, I tried PROMONO for OSL departures but there was no significant discount)

Cities covered:


Ras al-Khaimah

Min Price p.p.

€ 1,180



Min Price p.p.

€ 1,245

Bangkok € 1,325 Doha  € 1,405
Phuket € 1,410 Johannesburg € 1,575
Cape Town € 1,585 Kuala Lumpur € 1,730
Jakarta € 1,825 Singapore € 1,965
Perth € 2,595 Sydney € 2,965
Adelaide € 2,950 Melbourne € 2,990


Read on for example dates and more.

This is what you see when opening the email
This is what you see when opening the email


The promotion's landing page details city pairs and lowest price per passenger
The promotion’s landing page details city pairs and lowest price per passenger

These are pretty good fares overall, but I would highlight both Doha and Phuket as especially good ones. In the case of DOH, it is rare that QR offers such low prices on direct flights there (they prefer to fill up ongoing flights to other destinations), and Phuket yields a fairly low cost per mile flown.


There seems to be some availability of the lowest prices to Doha:

2-week view of prices for Doha
2-week view of prices for Doha


As an example, 1,405 EUR per person for 11-18 July dates:


Doha example dates
Doha example dates

On the other hand, Phuket seems to have much less available dates at the lowest advertised cost per person.

Phuket example dates
Phuket example dates


I found availability on the 20-27 June flights, however not much more (I didn’t search any date on any flight in August, maybe there is some there).


Another pretty good promotion on the part of Qatar, however not unique by any means. It is worth considering in case you were planning to travel with a companion, though. These fares are pretty good, and Qatar’s business class is one of the world’s Top 3 in my personal opinion. I travel QR Biz frequently and am happy to recommend!

What’s your opinion of the promotion and Qatar Airways in general?

Keep in touch and happy travels!



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