TAP Oporto-Lisbon Flight Report

TAP Air Portugal
TAP Air Portugal
Flight date: June 2015, Friday
Departure time: 6:55 PM
Flight number: TP1937
Aircraft: Airbus A319
Cabin: Economy
Seat: 4B
I fly TAP infrequently although it has a couple of the routes I need to make more often, simply because I think other airlines provide a better product and service at lower prices, so it’s a no brainer for me. In this particular case, though, we’re talking about a domestic flight within Portugal and aside from TAP, only Ryanair provides the route so I figured, since my employer is paying I might as well collect the few miles I can by flying TAP. If I were paying for flights myself, I would undoubtedly have gone with Ryanair.
This was a quick two day trip where I stayed at the wonderful Yeatman hotel in Gaia, opposite downtown Porto, which I will absolutely come back to if I get half the chance. Despite some traffic on our way to the airport, I arrived with enough time to board, although not quite enough time to enjoy the lounge. I went through security quite quickly, and then just spent a few minutes strolling around this small airport before boarding began.
I never ever check in luggage on business trips, no matter how long. This is why I typically like to be one of the first to board, since I hate getting stressed about available space in the overhead bins. This is especially true when flying Economy.
 This time, however, I must have taken a bit too long shopping, and boarding was halfway through when I got to gate 33 so I decided to wait it out. Once I boarded, of course there was zero space available for my trolley, but after a bit of back and forth, the flight attendant eventually allowed me to place it in Business Class and it was sorted.
There is no amenity kit provided in these short flights, whether in Business or Economy.
No meal is served in this thirty minute flight.
Nothing of note to report. We landed in sunny Lisbon 12 minutes ahead of time, pulling up to gate 22 a good 10 minutes before expected arrival time.
I am happy to fly TAP on short haul. They have an excellent safety record, an OK service and acceptable hard product for short flights. My main criticism of this airline is that a) their hard product is very dated (though, again, acceptable for very short haul) and b) their seat pitch is mostly horrible. On paper, it is average, however the pouch in the backseat in front of you has this dreadful metallic outline that rests on top of your kneecaps which makes it unbearably painful in a longer flight.
With all that said, I am happy to fly TAP in short haul (up to ~2 hours) and this flight went really well.

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